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PIS, PA and CCTV On Board Systems

To meet the growing demand for information, and to increase the comfort of the passengers, Telefin offers an innovative and integrated Hardware e Software solution, SITRAM®, to create Public Services on board Train.


In details:

  • Passenger Security Services
    • Public Address
    • CCTV System
    • Emergency Passenger Intercom System
  • Passenger Information Services:
    • Public Information System
    • Infotainment
    • Web Radio
    • Hot Spot Internet mobile

Based on a long experience in the revamping rail market (over 200 Traction Unit set up with different systems) Telefin designs and develops hardware and software systems that take into account the characteristics of the train, specific customer requirements and a focus on cost reduction and train downtime reduction.

In detail Telefin proposes a "Zero Bandwidth" solution for CCTV Full IP by means of images recorded directly on the camera saving bandwidth for others multimedia infotainment services.

SITRAM, integrated with Train Monitoring System, offers a unique, comprehensive and innovative solution for the management of Railway/Tramway and passengers information:

  • Monitoring and tracking of circulating vehicles through maps, Train describe and Train graph
  • Audio-video interaction for Train driver and Control Room operators
  • Interaction with traffic lights systems for an optimized train route as a function of the real time traffic
  • Fleet management and maintenance planning
  • Public information management

    • Reference:

      • Ferrotramviaria - FNB (Bari) - Railway and Underground - 29 Trains in 2/3/4 Coaches (2007-2016):
        • Localization system with GPS Module and RFID Readers
        • Public Address
        • Public Information System in TFT Monitors
        • SOS Intercom System based on VoIP technology
        • CCTV System
      • SAD (Bozen) - Railway – 11 Trains in 2 Coaches (2014 – 2015):
        • Public Address: Travel Information (Station …, Next Station…, Train to…)
        • SOS Intercom System
        • CCTV (Images recording, Live Images)
      • CAF - 5 new Trains in 4 Coaches (2013 – 2015):
        • Public Address based on VoIP technology
        • Public Information System in TFT Monitors and Led Panel
        • SOS Intercom System based on VoIP technology
        • CCTV System
      • AMT (Genoa) – Underground - 18 Trains in 2 Coaches (2009-2010):
        • Public Address based on VoIP Technology
        • SOS Intercom based on VoIP Technology
      • ANM (Naples) - Underground - 44 Trains in 2 Coaches (2004-2006):
        • Localization system with On Board Computer and 2 RFID Transponders
        • Public Address
        • Public Information System by TFT Monitors
        • CCTV
      • Sistemi Territoriali (Venice) - Railway - On Board Systems (2004 – 2013):
        • N° 19 Trains arranged with only Localization System
        • N° 12 Trains arranged with Public Address
        • N° 8 Trains arranged with Public Information System by TFT Monitors and Led Panels