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Company profile

Passion for Telecommunications


Telefin S.p.A.
is today a eighty employees company, including designers, technicians, sales agents and managers.
Telefin also holds a stake in another company.

DMI S.r.l. is a digital media factory able to manage independently the development of software applications and the organisation of their content, in line with the customer’s requests. From design to implementation.

Thirty years in the railways industry: this is the history of Telefin founders. This is the back bone of the company and its culture. Every system and equipment designed, built, delivered and maintained is entirely focused on railways sector.

Telefin technicians, purposeful innovators, were the first to introduce digital technology into dial-up telephone systems 15 years ago. The same happening today with TCP/IP and VoIP protocols.

The company has been collaborating closely for many years with the Universities of Trento, Verona and Padua. Telefin S.p.A. hosts internships, supports the research and follows the final stages of degree courses. Many telecommunications engineers, in fact, have developed their degree theses in Telefin labs.

All Telefin S.p.A. hardware and software is entirely developed by our designers, who adopt new technologies while paying the highest attention to railways application field.

For a company like Telefin S.p.A., made of professionals with huge know-how and long-time experience in railways industry, the challenge has recently become thrilling and technically very stimulating, as our brand clearly shows. A few hours in our headquarters in Verona will be enough to experience and breathe the enthusiastic and competitive atmosphere that characterises the way our technicians face specific problems. Furthermore, they always accept and develop any precious hint coming from RFI Managers and Technicians.

icon Telefin Track Record (Italian) - March 2012 (8 MB)